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This is Brady’s PICC line. It is the line that runs straight to his heart. It is the line that keeps him from getting to be somewhat “normal” through all of this. It is the line that has already been in 36 more days than we wanted. We want this line gone. So as we head into Sunday would you join us in some specific prayers? His hemoglobin and platelets have looked amazing this week, so we need those to just stay steady. It is his ANC. It has been at just over 100 for the past week. We need that number to hit 750 by Tuesday so Brady can get his port and continue treatment. It doesn’t surprise me his ANC is what needs to improve. Why? Because there is absolutely NO transfusion or medicine that will do it. In fact, no amount of anything will improve that number. Nope. Just Jesus. That’s it. So while we are going ahead and praying for this miracle of his ANC, let’s just go ahead and command these leukemia blasts that are hanging around in his bone marrow to be gone too. Because you know, Jesus gave us the authority to do that. God you are an incredible author and you are certainly writing one heck of a story for this boy. Only You can show up in this moment. Only You can laugh in the face of the numbers. Only You can do what You do. Only You can write a story so incredible that even people who don’t believe will have to stop to question their doubt… “Everyone will hear the good news” #WeBelieve #BelieveWithUs #waytobattlebrady #bravelikebrady #leukemiawarrior #phillylikemutation #TheBattleIsOn

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