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We need more than 3.

Saving lives and helping others in their battle is pretty darn important to us Martins.

Today, I had the opportunity to team up with Lori from the American Red Cross for a radio interview on upcoming blood drives and the importance of donating.

Today I learned a staggering statistic.

Did you know that of the population only 65% are considered fit and able to donate blood?

Want to know another staggering, and heart shattering, statistic?

Of that 65% that is able to donate, only 3% actually do.

3% my friends. 3%.

T h r e e.

Only 3% of the population is currently making it a priority to help save the lives of the warriors in our country.

No wonder the blood banks are depleted.

No wonder people are struggling to survive through treatments.

No wonder hearts are breaking and people are scared.

Friends. I know I sound like a broken record, but people are dying and only you and I can fill the blood banks so they are taken care of.

I donated Monday which means I won’t be able to donate for another 56 days.

So can you? Can you help those struggling to win their battles? Can you fill these blood drives? Can you say “yes” to saving someone’s life?

The demographic of the people constantly donating is now aging and no longer able to provide like they once did.

And now, our current main stream culture is so unaware of the seriousness and severity of this issue. Why? Because they don’t have a kid in crisis. They don’t know of a loved one with cancer. They haven’t heard of the stories or seen the pictures that show the real life effects we see every day.

They don’t know what you and I know.

So now what? We have to tell them. We have to tell all of them.

I hope you were as shocked as I was at that gut punch of 3%.

We can do better friends.

We have to do better.

For Brady.

For your family.

For everyone’s families.

Shields up.

Swords out.

Go and give,


“Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ”


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