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We need heroes.

Tonight I want to ask everyone to take a long look at this photo of our sweet and brave warrior.

A warrior who beat cancer once, but now finds himself in the fiercest battle of all, the battle of a relapsed and refractory leukemia so rare that we are quickly running out of options to save him.

These photos were a week after Brady’s port placement surgery. When his platelets were depleted from his treatment after he relapsed. When his body just couldn’t heal and the national shortage of blood and platelet products didn’t allow for him to receive any more bags.

On the left is a kid with a Sun-kissed nose that was so happy to be out of the hospital, but the right shows what was lurking just under his shirt.

The National shortage of blood products is very, very real.

Many are going without lifesaving surgeries because there just aren’t enough.

Many warriors who battle cancer like Brady need 10 or more bags a week just to sustain them through their battle.

Brady is just one story. Just one kid who needs you to step up to help.

Brady, and anyone who has ever had cancer, will never be able to be a blood donor. Ever.

So they need us.

They need each of us to continue to teach one another about the importance and urgency of the state of the blood banks across our country.

What’s under Brady’s shirt?

Wounds. Scars. Bruises. Trauma.

What’s under our shirts?

Life saving blood and platelets.

Gifts that money can’t buy and man can’t reproduce.

Can you be a hero?

Can you donate blood or platelets?

Can you host a blood drive?

Can you encourage others to please donate?

Can you save all of the Brady’s?

What’s under your shirt?

Courage? Selflessness? Generosity?

Let’s start a movement educating and encouraging our country the importance of saving all the warriors.

One week our kid was playing soccer, jumping into the pool, and planning for school.

The next week he needed 20 bags of blood and platelets just to keep his body stable.

Our story could be your story.

I don’t wish it on anyone and I pray that it never happens to you, but it is the unfortunate reality of so many in America and across the world.

Can you help save our warriors?

The Red Cross and many amazing people throughout our hometown are planning a massive blood drive at our church, C3 Church, on Monday, Sept 12 in honor of Brady. Their hope is to have 100 donors show up. If you live close by we would love to have your help in filling every open spot.

Sign up today through this link:

If you don’t live close or Monday doesn’t work for you, please find another drive as soon as you can! And while you are there download the Red Cross’s app and join our team “Way To Battle”. So far we have over 50 members and their donations have made an impact for 1,000 people so far!!

What’s under your shirt?

Answer: It’s a hero. I know it is.

No matter if you are a warrior or a giver, a hero lies within you.

Shields up.

Swords out.

Let’s save each other,



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