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We didn’t get the news we were hoping for today.

Unfortunately, Brady’s platelets have sunk too low to withstand the bone marrow biopsy surgery.

They need his marrow to rebound on its own to give us an accurate read on where we are success-wise for his treatment. So they won’t transfuse to get him to 50. We just have to wait.

We will rerun labs Thursday morning.

Unfortunately, they have a feeling his platelets will drop even lower and he will need transfused just to keep him safe as we head into the weekend.

If you know Chris at all, then you know he is full of incredible wisdom and discernment. On Sunday, I wanted to let Brady play in that championship game so badly. In fact, I took his gear with us. Chris, however, was against it from the beginning. He just knew it wasn’t going to be ok.

And man was he right. With Brady’s platelets plummeting it would have been extremely dangerous for him in that game. Any blow to his head could have been life-altering or worse.

It pains me to even think of it.

I’m not sure I have ever been more thankful for Chris’s push back than I was today hearing Brady’s numbers.

So we wait. And we pray.

It’s literally all we can do right now.

Lord please. Please make a way where there is no way. Let us see Your light through this wilderness. Let this boy’s body be able to handle the ridiculous amount of toxins being pumped through his veins. Let his body be clear of this cancer. Let all those cells be destroyed. And Lord, please let us find peace and rest in the waiting…

“This isn't what I'd choose

But it's where I'm finding You

When I'm broken and undone

Your mercy's just begun

You overcome my doubt

Your hands are reaching out

You hold me through the storm

And I will fear no more”


If you ever find yourself in a broken place, give this song a listen…

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