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Trust the journey...

What a day. What. A. Day.

After hours and hours we finally heard the words we were praying for, “All clear. You can go home.”

Six simple words strung together so effortlessly as if today had been a breeze. But it wasn’t, not emotionally anyways.

We started on the 11th floor for labs and evaluation. Then, down to the 1st floor to the middle of the hospital for the MRI. Then, back to the 11th floor. Then, back down to the 1st floor on the opposite side of the hospital for the ultrasound. Then, back up to the 11th floor to await those six simple words.

But so much happened in between. So, so much.

Today, I watched as our nine year old got his head secured to a cold and narrow table and pushed into a tiny tunnel. A tiny, dark tunnel. I honestly, can’t fully describe what it was watching him on that table with his head in that cage.

For almost an hour he laid there all alone not able to move. The sound and screen were broken in his MRI machine, so all he heard was the loud rumble of the machine as it took all those important photos that showed us the status of his brain. And all he could see was the mirror that showed the reflection of the outside.

I sat in the waiting area and tears filled my eyes for what felt like the one hundredth time this past week. I couldn’t stop thinking about how he was all alone in that machine. How his big brown eyes and ornery smile lay resting beneath that cage keeping his head perfectly in place. How the rumbling of the machine was all he could hear.

In that silence my brain took off. What was he thinking? Was he scared? What would it show? What will our next step be? When will be able to start treatment back up? Was this the leukemia refusing to die? What is causing this weakness and pain? Why is he having to grow up so fast? Why am I so emotional? Why? Why? Why?

Then, he walks out and smiled as he said, “that took so long!” I wiped my tears and said, “yeah, tell me about it.”

While he was changing my heart was tugged. It’s the journey. This journey is changing me. This journey is changing him. This journey is changing a lot of people. Trust the journey.

Ok, God. Got it. Trusting you.

In our third trip across the hospital on our way to the ultrasound, we decided to go downstairs to get some Subway. We had never been there and it was a little out of the way, but we had time and it sounded good to Brady, so off we went.

We were sitting there eating when out of no where we heard, “Hey guys! I can’t believe it!” We looked up and couldn’t believe it either. There, standing in front of us was the nurse that had just had the baby. She updated us on how their precious girl had some crazy things happen, but then, how things improved so quickly and she was already moved to a step down unit (thank you Jesus for answering those prayers!). We met her husband and they shared photos. We talked about Brady and everything that had happened. She told us how the pink unicorn was so perfectly timed and how emotional she was when they got it. I then told her that we had shared it on this page and how many people were praying for them. It just made our hearts so happy.

Right before they left, she said, “it’s so funny, we have never been down here. I can’t believe in this whole place we ran into you.” To that I replied, “we haven’t ever been down here either, but God has a funny way of working things out.” We told them that we would continue to pray for them and said our goodbyes.

Divine appointments friends. Trust the journey. Even when the road seems scary and long, fields of incredible flowers lie ahead. Just keep walking.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and He will make your paths straight”


Thank you to EVERYONE who held us up in prayer today, and every day. We are praising God for these clear results and continuing to fight for elevated levels and a recovered body! I was able to snap this photo of Brady and Coop right before he went to bed 🧡

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