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Trained for battle

I snapped this photo of Brady and his cells right before we got him into the wheelchair yesterday.

Today, we left Philly behind to journey back home.

The next few weeks we are packing in as much goodness as we can. Taking every opportunity to do as much as we can as we wait for the phone call that it is time to head back.

But that small bag of cells hanging behind Brady in this picture has been on my heart since we left them.

There they are. Just hanging there. Normal T cells. Completely average.


Unbeknown to them, their story is just beginning.

A complete transformation is about to happen.

Those little guys. They are are about to be trained for battle.

They are about to become heroes in the story that God is writing for our son.

Those cells that look to be completely average and no more special than any others, are about to embark on a mission of a lifetime.

They are about to trained and developed into the ultimate cancer fighting machines.

Something average is about to become something extraordinary right before our very eyes.

I think back and realize that is just how God likes to set the stage.

Almost every major player from the Bible came from very average, very humbled beginnings. It wasn’t until they met Jesus that they became the extraordinary world changers that we read of today.

Read up on Paul. If that doesn’t give you the courage and confidence that God can, and will, use literally anyone in any circumstance then I don’t know what will.

I will give you the cliff note version. Paul, a Roman soldier who’s job was to find and persecute Christians had an encounter with Jesus and then became one of the greatest disciples and voices in the entire New Testament.

Paul was transformed. In every possible way. Never again did he resemble the man he was before.

Or what about Peter? The average fisherman who Christ built His church upon.

Or Mary? Not mother Mary, but Mary Magdalene. The common girl who was transformed and healed by Jesus and stayed by his side through the end.

All of them experienced the same transformation we are praying for over Brady’s cells.

It is the same transformation I’m hoping for in myself.

I pray that each day I can be transformed, heck, that each and every one of us is. Transformed in our thoughts. In our actions. In each and every thing that we do. In the way we treat those around us.

I hope every day each of us walk in more peace, more grace, more mercy than we did the day before.

I pray that each of us will be transformed just as Brady’s cells are going to be.

That no longer will we be the subject of things that happen in this world, but rather, armed with the strength the Lord has given us, we will fight. We will fight against the norms. We will fight against what others think we should do or be and instead find peace in the confidence of who we have been perfectly crafted to be for this moment in time.

And we will work. We will work to be better tomorrow than we were today.

Brady’s cells are being transformed to fight for his life.

What are you going to train and transform your cells to fight for?

Love? Kindness? Peace? Gentleness? Generosity?

Believing each of our cells are about to be transformed together to help us become the fiercest warriors the world has ever seen.

Shields up.

Swords out.

Battling to be better,


“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”


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