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Three weeks down...

We have officially conquered 3 of 4 weeks with the 24/7 blina backpack. We have had two emergency runs to Childrens for line/bag/access replacements, but Brady is feeling great so we count it a win!

We are entering the final week of this round of blina. Next week they will do another biopsy to see if this treatment has been successful and they can move to transplant.

Join us in praying for each cancer cell to be successfully targeted and destroyed by this special immunotherapy so that his leukemia reaches the needed .001% from what was previously .88%.

Meanwhile, we are spreading some joy in this place. We brought 20 Battle Pups to hand out around the hospital and have another 12 packed up for delivery on the oncology floor.

When we get home we have another nomination that just came in. We will pack up a special pup and get it shipped to join a warrior who just lost her dad.

We are so grateful for those that have donated to help this mission be a success. The kids have raised their goal from 200 to 2,000 pups.

So I guess we are on the road to 2,000.


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