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They found us.

It was Sunday morning when I saw the message on my phone.

I was still half asleep, but the instant I read the first paragraph I sat straight up in bed as though a firecracker had gone off right next to me.

I rubbed my eyes and started to read the message again.

Then, I reread it.

It was her.

The mom.

The mom with the boy from the elevator.

She wrote, “…it was 5am and I couldn’t sleep so I grabbed my phone and opened Facebook. Your post was the first thing that showed up. I read it, and read it again, and again, tears streaming because I was the mom in the elevator.”

They found us.

The sweet momma and brave boy from the elevator had found us.

Through the grace of God they had found our post about Brady and Nutter Butter.

Tears dropped from my eyes as I continued to read their message to us.

Included with their message was this picture of Brady’s sweet pup tucked under the arm of his new boy.

A boy who had been through so much.

A boy who has so many battles still ahead.

In a message that had us crying and Brady smiling, she wrote “Sometimes we just want to forget the bad days. Thursday was not a shining moment for us, until our lives were touched by you, and now I don’t want to forget that bad Thursday any more, I want to remember it forever.”

They bravely told us about their journey and all that they were batting. It wasn’t just sweet Felix. It was his incredible momma and his two brave big brothers too. They had all been through so much.

Nutter Butter wasn’t gone.

The Lord had sent him on the most special mission to connect our two families together.

We hate cancer.

I mean, we hate it so much.

We hated it the first time, but we definitely hate it even more this second round.

But guess what?

Love is born from compassion.

Compassion comes from experiencing pain.

And cancer has helped our family grow in both of those areas.

The love of God.

It is a love so deep that there is no possible way to explain it.

It is a love so profound that as mere humans we cannot comprehend it.

It is a love so powerful that it can bring peace and healing like nothing else can.

It is a love that lives in the hearts of those who believe and calls us to action when we least expect it with no explanation why.

That day all Brady saw was a boy who was sad and having a hard day. The Lord called Brady to action. The Lord knew this boy’s entire story. He knew the pain. He knew the battles.

Brady just knew was supposed to help.

That compassion in Brady’s heart. Well, it was birthed from the depths of the pain he himself has walked through. It is God using his journey to find a way to love others in the midst of his own battle.

We might not be able to understand the impossible circumstances we find ourselves in and we might not be able to justify our own personal pain, but if we trust Him, he will use our pain to also bring joy, hope, and faith right back to us.

Because nothing is ever gone my friends.


Just like a boomerang, what we release will always be returned. So in the midst of the battle, find a way to release some love.

Shields up.

Swords out.

Catching the boomerang,


“Love never fails.”


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