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The waiting is over.

The waiting is over.

Brady’s Biopsy is officially scheduled!

It’s been five weeks of waiting. Five whole weeks.

Yesterday was a long and agonizing day with some extra complications thrown in, but at 4pm we got the call.

“They are great!” The nurse said. “His ANC is 1,400 and his platelets jumped back up to over 400.”

“1,400?” I asked, “how is that possible? He was still at 300 when we rechecked Friday!?”

“I know,” she continued, “it doesn’t make sense, but it’s great! We have him on the schedule to get his biopsy on Wednesday.”

It doesn’t make sense, but at the same time it does.

When Brady gets his bone marrow biopsy tomorrow we will be five full weeks “behind” schedule. We’ve only been on this journey for three and a half months, but five weeks behind feels like a lifetime right now.

Here’s the thing though, the waiting matters because important things happen in the waiting.

I have been anxious for this biopsy for weeks. I’ve been frustrated and sad since everything has felt out of our control, but God. God knew we needed the wait.

Through the waiting God has opened my eyes to another road. A road less traveled. A road that seems daunting, but also feels like it is exactly where we are supposed to head. Almost as if there is a lamp shining telling us to “come this way.”

The past couple weeks we’ve been diving into research on alternative options and how to better help and support Brady’s body through this battle. Through our hours of reading, we now know the shattering statistics of what lies ahead when he beats this first round of cancer. I say when, because I know in my bones he is going to beat it no matter what the numbers say. Brady may be only 1 of 65 in the world with his mutation, but God has told me he is going to make a way, and I believe him.

To be honest though, what lies ahead feels worse than where we are at.

What lies ahead is the unknown.

In fact, all I do know is that 70% of kids who beat cancer end up with at least one severe side effect such as a secondary cancer, permanent heart or lung damage, infertility, etc.

The chemotherapy drugs that saved their life the first time will likely end up being what causes a life altering or ending diagnosis down the road.

And I’m not ok with that. None of us are.

So this wait I have been so frustrated with? It may have been one of God’s biggest blessings. This wait has pushed us to learn more about everything. The statistics, the side effects, the medicines, it all. But the learning is only just beginning.

We have started with essential oil protocols and are moving to a diet with foods with that are cancer fighters vs. a diet that is riddled with things that continues to feed the cancer. We are learning about detoxing to flush all the toxic chemicals and dead cancer cells out of his system too. We are also going to add in whole food supplements and juicing.

Gone are the days where we mindlessly gave him meds without knowing the impact they are having long term.

Yes, we need western medicine with his amazing oncology team’s wisdom to fight this mutation and leukemia, but I also feel strongly that his body will only be able to successfully rebound if it is supported holistically too. It needs both.

Here’s to breathing. And learning. And growing. And praising through the storm.

Thank you God for the wait. I had no idea how desperately we needed it. Your timing is always perfect and you know that now, our toolbox is ready. Forgive me for when I didn’t understand. When I couldn’t see why we needed the wait. You always know what we need before we have any idea. Thank you for working on our behalf. Thank you that the delay is no delay at all. It has prepared us for what is ahead. Strengthen us everyday Lord. Let our roots run deep into your soil so that we may withstand the storm when it rages. We are ready. Let’s battle.

“Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.”



Would you join us in praying for Brady’s biopsy on Wednesday? Oh Lord, how we want to see the word REMISSION under his results. Lord, how we want this cancer gone.

Please pray for wisdom and knowledge and the ability to discern all the resources and information we are going through.

Please pray for peace and patience as we make drastic changes to how we look at the foods and things around us.

And thank you Lord for the wealth of knowledge that Grandma Bev and Grandma Sue bring.

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