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The great comeback...

Everyone loves a comeback story. And man, was this the reminder my heart needed.

The past couple weeks have been hard. Like, really hard. I have gotten so many calls from the school nurse and made so many doctor appointments that I’ve lost track. Hurt knee, hurt thumb, hurt eye, hurt ankle, hurt tailbone, hurt pinkie, hurt everything, or so it has felt that way. And that was just Blake and Aubrey.

Then, you factor in Brady. So much nausea with times of extreme pain, like sobbing in bed and can’t move his legs kind of pain. Or he is so overwhelmed trying to tackle school work that he ends up in tears. But then, there are times of total perfection when you forget he has cancer. He is a total goofball and smiling from ear to ear. Then, back to total scares where we end up in the ER for hours because of potential serious side effects from his chemo on Wednesday.

It is a rollercoaster.

It is emotionally draining.

It feels never ending.

It feels hard.

It feels like I am failing.

Defeating. It feels defeating.

But then today. Today, was a reminder that nothing is too far gone to come out on top. No mountain is too tall to overcome. No waters are too deep to swim through.

You see this team in the picture? They lost their third game of the tournament this morning. They didn’t just lose, they got destroyed, 0-7. The other team was faster, stronger, and outplayed them at every turn.

Tournament Championship dreams gone, right? Not so fast.

Because of their incredible playing yesterday, they still get a chance at the trophy, but here is the kicker… they have to play the same team that just tore them apart.




You can do it. You are good enough. In fact, you are unstoppable. There is greatness inside of you. Each of you. Believe it.

Championship game:

Pride SC 3. Opponent 1.

A comeback victory against an incredibly tough opponent. Proud of this team would be an unbelievable understatement.

They are the perfect reminder that no matter how hard it seems, a victory is on the horizon. Sometimes you just have to fight for it.

So fight for it. Fight for your victory.

An emotional week lies ahead and boy would a victory taste so sweet. Tomorrow, Brady goes in for labs to see if they can do his bone marrow biopsy. Please join us in praying his counts haven’t plummeted and everything can move forward.

We will get on our knees to prepare for what lies ahead. It’s been two months of waiting. I’m ready. I’m scared, but I’m ready…

“This is how I fight my battles…”




And for those wondering, no, Brady didn’t get to play this weekend. We just didn’t feel like his body could handle it. He wanted to play in the championship game, but knowing how fast and physical the other team was, we didn’t want to risk it. So he cried a lot. He was very frustrated and disappointed, but after lots of discussion he went and took his seat next to coach Jeff.

Your victory looks far different than a trophy bud, and I’m sorry. I hate it too. But I promise, this battle, this victory, it belongs to you.

There is greatness in you…

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