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The darkness shall not overcome...

We go to bed oh so grateful tonight. But man are we physically, and emotionally, tired.

Most people may breeze through the decision to do a procedure or surgery with anesthesia, but when your levels are as critically low as Brady’s, we are super protective and cautious. I felt like we were on pins and needles until we knew he was in recovery and had woken up.

He had two blood and SEVEN platelet transfusions just to get to a point to make it through. And so thankful that he did. I can’t even tell you.

Now we await the results and findings next week.

Then, late this afternoon, Brady made the decision to have Chris shave his head. He was so tired of it falling all over him, but that didn’t mean that it was actually easy to follow through.

We had to reassure him that it didn’t matter how he looked on the outside, his heart is all that matters. But try to convince a nine year old he is amazing when all he feels is terrible.

Way to battle, Brady. Way to battle.

Everything about this journey has felt hard, but you continue to battle through every day. Even when things aren’t easy and it seems like nothing, I mean nothing, is going your way.

We are so unbelievably proud of you and the man you are becoming through all of this. You are so much stronger than you realize. I pray that God opens your eyes to see what everyone around you can see; a handsome, strong, courageous young man that exudes God’s love to all he comes in contact with. Brady you are a light. You are a light to me, to your dad, to your family, to the people here and so many around the world. 🧡☀️

“The light shines in the darkness and the darkness shall not overcome it.”


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