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Take courage...

Admitted to the 12th floor…again.

Definitely not the way we saw today going or the update we wanted to share, but here we are.

After over 6 hours of transfusions (2 blood and 2 platelet), our main goal now is getting him stable enough to get his bone marrow biopsy tomorrow to determine the effectiveness of the chemo on his cells and, more specifically, the rare mutation we are dealing with.

Take courage my heart.

The port placement is totally off the table until his body can recover because his labs today showed everything had plummeted…again.

He’s in the waiting.

Since he spiked a fever after transfusion number four, we have to make sure that battle is only a simple reaction to the blood products, and not something larger. So we will await those results as well.

He’s never failing.


Definitely shed a few more tears as I cried out these words tonight…

“Take courage my heart. Stay steadfast my soul. He’s in the waiting.

Hold onto your hope. As your triumph unfolds.

He's never failing. He's never failing.”


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