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Stop limiting God.

Cooper felt the need to be a tiny terror tonight (welcome to two and a half), so Blake decided to bunk with Aubrey in her room for the night.

We were talking about how important tomorrow was and Blake said he would pray.

“Heavenly Father I pray that tomorrow we have a great day. I pray that Brady’s B cells are 50,000…” he went to continue but I corrected him.

“Blake, they only need to be 50, not 50,000.” I said to him.

He continued, speaking slower as if to make sure I knew he knew exactly what he was praying for, “I pray that his B cells are 50,000 and there is no cancer to be found in his body or blood for days…”

Aubrey quickly chimed in, “no cancer for decades!”

They continued to pray as I smiled to myself.

One, because Aubrey obviously didn’t get that “daysssss” in tween boy talk means like forever, and two, because my kids are so great at reminding me of things when I need it the most.

Stop limiting God.

Stop limiting your prayers to the bare minimum.

It’s time.

It’s time to seek the big stuff.

The unfathomable.

It’s time to pray and believe with the heart of a child.

So that’s what I’ll do.

After I told them goodnight, I left the two knuckleheads who were chitchatting and walked to Brady’s room.

There he laid with Tanner all snuggled up.

I snapped this picture and turned off his light.

I laid my hand on him and prayed these words over him, “Lord we know your timing is perfect. Far more perfect than anything we could imagine. And we believe in your strength and power. You’ve shown us before. We are ready again. Lord, Blake is believing to see Brady’s B cells at 50,000 and I’m going to believe that with him. Aubrey is believing there will never be another cancer cell within Brady’s body and I’m believing that with her. I’m believing that because I believe you have washed his blood clean with the blood of Jesus. Transforming each cell from darkness to light and wiping away any trace within him. And I believe you are healing his liver and all other organs while strengthening his body for the battle ahead. I believe another miracle is ahead. I believe. I believe. I, believe…”

Take away every ounce of doubt and believe in the word given to you at the beginning. He is making a way through the wilderness. He is paving a new road. He has armed us with strength for the battle.

I have to share again…

“For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.”

“I have already begun!”

He has already begun.

He is creating rivers, sources of life, where death has been. He has already begun.

He is calling those dead, dry bones to life. He has already begun.

He is healing the broken and saving the lost. He has already begun.

He is working miracles right in front of our very eyes. He has already begun.

He has already begun.

So now, now feels like the time to come alive. Time to battle. Time for life to flow where death once lived. Time for a path to be paved where it once was undrivable.

It’s time.

Shields up.

Swords out.




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