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Still not home...

We expected to go home today after a roller coaster of a week.

First, almost every side effect from chemo. Then, a horrible case of thrush. Then, Brady’s GI tract just couldn’t heal and he had days of way too much output. That lead to more iv fluids then I could count. Then, his potassium dropped so even more ivs came. Then, he had so much fluid his blood pressure went up and he was in so much pain so we had to try to flush fluids without flushing the needed potassium.

And that was all Tuesday to Friday while learning Wednesday of the extreme rarity of his leukemia’s mutation.

The weekend showed so much promise and improvement. It felt like we were really getting ahead of things. Chris and Brady played video games all day together and it was the first time I’ve seen him with that light back in his eye.

Then, at midnight they pulled his normal labs. When three people came in at 1:15am I knew something was up. His labs aren’t right. They had to rerun the labs. Second round confirmed the first. His sodium has dropped. It has dropped so much that his heart rate is elevated. So now more fluids and meds and another check at 6am.

I’ve been up since they came in at 1:15am just sitting by him praying. Why? Why can’t he be a normal ALL case? Why can’t we get ahead of all this? Why is this battle so dang hard? We can do hard things, but God, please. Hear your people. Restore these levels. Clear these cells. Let this body function how you created it to. Let him be well enough to go home.

I’m on my knees.

“No weapon formed against us shall prosper.”


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