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Steady strokes.

Brady is a big fan of putt putting.

It is something we are able to continue doing because it isn’t in crowds and we don’t have to worry about the possibility of impact or injury to him.

Today, thanks to those who continue to donate blood and platelets, Brady felt good enough to make the trip over to the other side of Columbus to watch and cheer on Blake and the rest of his soccer team.

Watching games are extremely bittersweet for him. On one hand, he loves his team and playing, but on the other hand it is so hard for him to have to sit on the sidelines and not be able to participate.

After the game, we decided we would capitalize on him feeling good and go do something fun together outside of the hospital.

Of course it was putt putting.

We started on the course and he was crushing it and making pars on every hole.

We were a little over half way through the course and you could see his now very thin shoulders start to drop.

His face got long and his stokes got sloppy.

The sun was beating down so he was hot and obviously getting tired.

We got to the 12th hole and he lost all focus because he was frustrated and overheated.

So he just kept hitting the ball. Stroke after stroke, back and forth he hit it.

Chris and I just stood back and let him go.

Finally, after eight strokes he got his ball to drop into the cup.

He grabbed his ball and looked at us with his shoulders shrugged.

“Ummmm, buddy, what was that?” I asked him while Chris and I stood at the start of the hole.

“I don’t know,” he almost panted. “I just can’t get it to go in anymore.”

“Well, what I think is that you are hot from the sun and tired from being out here for so long when you aren’t used to it,” I tried to explain to him.

He walked back over to us and we gave him a hug.

“Buddy,” Chris said reassuring him, “why don’t you take a deep breath and try it again.”

Next try, got the ball in with just three strokes. The remainder of the course we reminded him to stay in the shade and take some deep breaths in between each turn.

Driving home I realized that course was the reminder I needed today too.

Sure it is easily to love and praise Jesus when we are full of excitement and anticipation when the beautiful course lies ahead. It is easy when the air is blowing a cool breeze and the sun is gently tucked behind some clouds and every shot is perfectly placed.

But what about when the exhaustion of the journey sets in? What about when the breeze stops blowing? What about when the sun comes out and is blazing down on you?

Can we praise Him then? Can we find peace then? Can we find the joy then?

Sometimes the challenge of the course we are on and the heat of the sun can get the best of us. Just like Brady, we can get sloppy with our club and just keep swinging even though we know that there isn’t a chance that what we are doing is actually going to accomplish what we want or need it to.

So we have to stop.

We have to breath.

We have to find some shade and reset.

We have to go back to the beginning and try it again, this time reminding ourselves that the faster we try to get through something the worse it normally gets.

The course we are on is meant to be taken one slow and steady stroke at a time.

Breathing in between and firming up our feet before taking each swing.

Lord we praise you today. We praise you that even in the midst of this cancer that feels like the sun trying to burn our skin, we are able to find rest in Your shade. We praise you that even though we are exhausted from the course, we can find your peace to sustain us. We praise you that because so many have generously given of themselves to donate blood and platelets, our son was able to walk out of the hospital yesterday to enjoy a weekend at home. A weekend outside breathing in the fresh air of the nature around us. Lord, we praise you that in the midst of our mess, no matter how big it is, we can always come back to the beginning to reset and try again. Because you Lord, are the Alpha and Omega. You, are the beginning and the end. You help us to see the joy in every day.

Way to battle the course, Brady. Way to battle.

Shields up.

Swords out.

Thankful for the simple things,


“You have armed me with strength for the battle.”


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