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Some soccer, for now...

Once we got the results back yesterday on Brady’s levels, I asked the question Brady has been dying to ask…

“With his platelets over 400 and his ANC rising, are you comfortable with him trying to play some soccer with his team?”

There was a long pause.

“How much contact is there?” Was the response question from the doctor. “Some.” I answered. “He may get pushed a little and...”

Brady quickly interrupted, “but our defense is awesome and they will protect me.” A little more silence.

“As long as his head doesn’t take a big impact, I think it is ok to try.” She continued and added more to the end but Brady couldn’t hear it. He was smiling too big to pay attention. Since yesterday, Brady has been looking forward to today’s practice more than I can even tell you. That all changed this afternoon.

Tears flowed as he laid in bed with his head covered. “What if I let everyone down because I can’t run as fast as I used to? Or if I can’t kick it hard enough? I just don’t have friends. I can’t go to school. I can’t play on the team. I have to get all these shots. All these surgeries. What if I let my team down… I’ll be ashamed.”

I was kneeling by his bed rubbing his back just letting him get all the things off his chest.

“Brady,” I said, “ the enemy is a thief and a liar. You have been looking forward to tonight all day. You have been so excited. Don’t let him come in here lying to you that you are going to let anyone down. He is trying to steal away all your joy and excitement right now. And guess what? He is succeeding. Don’t you dare listen to those lies any longer or let him steal any more joy from you. Don’t you do it.”

With that, I walked down to try to get dinner finished. About 3 minutes later down the stairs he came in all his soccer gear.

“I’ll help with dinner, mom”.

Of course you will buddy, because you are amazing.

Meanwhile, Blake is double checking that all their water bottles are ready and Brady’s bag has all his stuff.

After dinner I walk out the door and see Blake helping get Brady’s cleats on. Brady’s back is still sore from his spinal tap yesterday. I hear him say, “don’t worry Brady, I’ll get it for you.”

Of course you will buddy, because you are amazing.

These two boys are something awesome. There are moments, like almost every afternoon at 4pm, when emotions run high and epic meltdowns ensue, but it’s ok. With the help of a little food, we get through it.

Don’t let the enemy steal your joy or excitement. Ever. Don’t ever forget he is the ultimate thief and liar.

You know the Truth. And I’ll be here every day to remind you if you ever forget.

“Your enemy the devil is prowling around like a lion looking for someone to devour.”

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