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This morning’s labs showed no improvement from the transfusions Brady received last Thursday. Unfortunately, his platelet level is still only 9,000, the low end of the “normal” range is 140,000. This is the lowest his platelets have dropped since the beginning of this journey. It also puts him in an extremely critical spot when it comes to potential injuries. So today we had a set back. With his platelets so low, they can’t move forward with his planned spinal tap chemo tomorrow. He will get a week “off” to let his body recover. And man, does it need it. His poor body is covered in bruises and petechiea rashes from his blood not being able to clot and heal normally. His ANC has also shown a drastic drop in the past four days. This isn’t unexpected with the amount of chemo he is getting, it just means our days of being able to do “normal” things may be coming to a close. I’m so grateful that he got “the best night of his life” at his first Crew game on Saturday before things took a turn. God certainly has a way of showing us how much he cares. So today, another transfusion. Praying this one helps. And while I was talking with the nurses Brady ordered some snacks. In true Brady fashion, he ordered chocolate milk and ice cream for both him and Aubrey. He amazes me with how, even on days when he isn’t feeling good, he makes sure to think of those around him. Oh and guess what? Port access, no biggie since Blake was with him the last time! “In You, I find my strength.” #waytobattlebrady #bravelikebrady #TheBattleIsOn #leukemiawarrior #phillylikemutation

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