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Rainbow Hunting.

A weekend of waiting.

I have checked my phone at least once every hour since Wednesday evening.

The wait is hard. The unknown is hard.

The results will hit his online chart and we can see them at the same time his doctor can. Finally, at 4:40pm, there was a notification that a new test result had been posted.

I felt like I stopped breathing for a second.

I sat down and prayed. “No matter what the result Lord, I trust your path and purpose for our journey.”

I took a deep breath and opened the results.

They looked different from the last one. I couldn’t make sense of them. I was confused and immediately reached out to his doctor. We had already been messaging and both of us were watching closing for them to be posted.

Ugh. They didn’t make sense because they aren’t the ones we are waiting for. The ones we need are a much more extensive test, these were more of an overview.

I continued to check into this evening, but nothing. It has felt exhausting the past couple days knowing that the future is held by those results.

Then, I remembered this photo. Last night I was driving and chatting with a friend and we saw this rainbow by the sun.

It hadn’t rained at all. In fact, it had been the most beautiful day. But there it was, a rainbow. It wasn’t a giant, dramatic one that crossed the entire sky, but it was there. So unexpected. So perfectly placed by a tiny cloud.

It was so small that if you weren’t paying attention you would have missed it completely.

It was as if God reached into my heart and said, “Don’t worry. I know what you are carrying. Cast your burdens to me. I’m here.”

Then today, another friend came to help us finish up a project and she shared a word God had given her for me. It was perfectly timed. It was another rainbow.

In the midst of a storm, He is there.

In the the midst of the sunshine, He is there.

Look for Him and you will find Him. In all that you do and every place that you go. The rainbows are all around, sometimes we just have to lift our eyes to see them.

Here is to rainbow hunting during this weekend of waiting…


Please continue to pray for Brady and our family in the waiting. This week has had some extremely hard and emotional moments for everyone, but especially the boys. Hard conversations about death and disappointments, missing out and not being enough. We are praying and believing for more rainbows to come. These kids are warriors. Pray that their armor will be strengthened and continue to protect their innocent hearts.

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

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