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More tests, more worries...

We need some prayers. Yesterday, we were in the basement playing and Brady’s leg got weak and his ankle rolled. We couldn’t get him up for almost 15 minutes. It was weird and random. Today, they are concerned with his platelets being so severely low for so long that he could potentially have a bleed in his brain that caused all of it.

He is currently in the MRI machine getting pictures of his brain to see if they can find anything. He has also had random bouts of extreme pain in his left arm so they are doing an ultrasound today as well to rule out a blood clot or blood in his joint.

On top of all that, his ANC has dropped to an all time low of 30.

Today, we came with a mission to bless in the midst of our mess. We have been to the hospital for labs and transfusions 7 of the last 11 days and blessing others is what is getting us through. This morning we stopped and got 3 dozen Panera bagels for all the nurses and staff on the 11th floor, and now we need everyone to stand with us that can.

Will you please join us in praying for peace and strength while he goes through this testing? And prayers for healing over his arm and brain as well as his levels. We are going on week two of a treatment hold because his body just isn’t rebounding.

“By His stripes we are healed”


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