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Five months ago I would have breezed right past a moment like this.

I would have thought, “Aww isn’t that sweet…” then quickly moved along with whatever I was doing.

But life is different now.

Now, I stop. I let the moment completely flood my heart and gain the fullness of what it means. I let my brain etch the image into my heart, then, I grab my phone quick if I can so I have a copy to save forever.

This particular moment, I stood in the hallway for at least two to three minutes while I listened to Brady’s sweet voice read story after story to Cooper.

Five months has taught me a lot. Actually, five months has taught me more than I can fully explain.

We never know when moments like this may come to a close and may be no longer. There is no guarantee for tomorrow for any of us. Our lives are fleeting just like these moments.

We are so grateful for the week that we have had. So many moments just like this have been etched on my heart. Moments we will never take for granted.

This week Brady had his first bag change. It was a seamless three hour process. One week down, 3 to go.

We have had much on our minds since our meeting with his transplant doctor last week. Some is optimistic for a forever cure, but so much is still wrapped in worry for what this means for Brady’s future.

In preparation of the transplant, Brady will undergo four days of intense chemotherapy where they will wipe out all the mother cells of his marrow. Mixed in with that will be three days where he is transported to The James to receive radiation on his brain and testis. I’m going to be honest friends, this terrifies us.

We were hoping there was a way around the radiation, but in Brady’s high risk case, it just isn’t advisable.

Radiation to a nine year old’s brain has the potential for major side effects. While they aren’t common, the risks are still there. Radiation to his testis means that there is a 99% probability that Brady will never be able to father a child.

But like Chris reminds me, those outcomes don’t even matter if Brady isn’t here.

So we take a deep breath, wipe the tears, and pray without ceasing that Brady will be spared from the possibility of a devastating complication.

Friends I need two things.

One, if you have, or know of, a success story where a child under ten had radiation and a BMT would you please share it with us? There is comfort that comes from celebrating other people’s victories.

And two, would you pray for Brady to be spared of secondary cancers, growth problems, learning difficulties, infections, graft vs host disease, and all the other complications that come with everything he is headed towards?

Where two or three are gathered.

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”


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