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Before we leave...

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

We are going H O M E today!

His levels have all stabilized and he finally has his sweet smile and spark back.

But in true Brady fashion, we had to do something special. Tomorrow is a big day around here. The interns become residents, some residents become fellows and one of the fellows becomes an attending (they are getting promoted). So to celebrate their hard work and dedication to all these kiddos, and with help of Leah and Fantasy Cupcake, we thanked and celebrated them with some yummy cake pops.

Way to be a light through a dark situation Bradster. With tears in their eyes they thanked us. But the thanks is for them. Their job seems impossible with some weeks having far more losses than wins. And it definitely seemed like this had been a losing week around here.

So to all the doctors, nurses, and staff that serve us, the families, thank you. Thankful to have gotten to know so many of you through our journey.

Thankful God has used our time of darkness to share some light in this place. 🏥➡️🏡

“You, LORD, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.”


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