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Hard seasons...

Seasons like this are hard. Sometimes we are quick to forget just how hard they are on the ones not in the hospital and going through all the treatments.

But they are worried too. They are mad too. They are sad too. They are scared of the unknown too. They are missing out too…

Not only do we we have to protect Brady, but we have to be careful of what anyone who comes in contact with Brady has come in contact with.

That means missing out on sleepovers and play dates. It means canceling their birthday party and having to say “no thank you” to going to friends’ parties too. It means coming home from church and crowded places and immediately showering. It means missing out on church camp with all their friends. It means this is hard for them too.

This season isn’t forever, but while Brady’s levels are at such a low level we have to be extremely safe. We want SO badly for Brady to be able to get his port on Tuesday and continue treatment Wednesday, but neither can happen if a dramatic rise in his ANC (immunity level) doesn’t happen. We need that ANC at 750, it is currently hovering at only 100. Come on Jesus.

They have all shown their frustrations this week (which is why I’m emotionally exhausted and need an iv drip of coffee), but I’m still so incredibly proud of them all. I mean they are 9, 9, 7 and 1 so they are allowed to be mad, frustrated, sad, disappointed, everything. They are allowed to be everything. I’m allowed to be everything. All of us are. We are all learning this “new” life together.

So here’s to giving all of our emotions over to the One who created them all. Here’s to searching, yes, searching, for the joy in EVERY situation. Here’s to carrying one another’s burdens because sometimes it is just too much to carry on our own.

“Carry each other’s burdens, in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ”



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