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I’ve never been good at making New Year’s resolutions.

And I’ve never been a “word of the year” person either.

Maybe it’s because every winter for the past five ish years we have been hit with something hard.

But this year feels different.

Around my birthday the Lord began to whisper a word into my ear.

We leaned on that word and took a huge step as we ordered over 5,000 Battle Pups before we knew they would be completely paid for.

That word continues to get louder every day I listen for God to guide me.


Fearless in each in every part of our journey.

Fearless of Brady’s cancer.

Fearless of the treatment he has undergone.

Fearless in the future.

Fearless in his future.

Fearless in our future.

Fearless with Way to Battle.

Fearless putting myself out there.

Fearless with writing a book from my heart.

Fearless that our finances will be ok.


Fearless in all the things.

Last night these five incredible kiddos helped to finish the last of the sorting and organizing of Battle Pups.

For two straight days they went to school, then came back to help until they were each completely exhausted.

They broken open the rain soaked plastic and went to work.

They worked out in our cold, Ohio garage for hours. Not only did they not complain a single word, but they were all excited and anxious to get started on day two.

I was walking back in the door to the garage from cleaning up dinner when the kids were finishing the last few of the 400+ boxes that they unpacked, labeled, sorted, and restacked.

When the last one was put into place our friend Jackie said, “Wow!” Her eyes moved towards the wall of pups and she looked at all the boxes stacked in rows of 2-3 and 4 deep and going almost to the ceiling, “5,000 lives are going to be changed through these boxes.”

Chris grinned and said, “Yeah, and to think this all started 16 months ago with a goal of 200.”

Can we just sit in that a minute?

5,000 lives are about to be shown love in the midst of the hardest battles.

5,000 lives are soon going to know they don’t have to battle alone.

5,000 lives may be changed all because we leaned in.


Maybe you are going through a hard season like us. Maybe you are seeking direction and inspiration for this new year. Maybe you’ve been lost and you need something to cling to. Maybe you’ve been broken and just need a word to ignite a new passion within you. Maybe, maybe fearless needs to be your word for 2023 too.

Fearless to pursue all that the Lord has in store for us. Let’s fearlessly battle, together.

Shields up.

Swords out.

Fearlessly pursuing,


“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me."


In you know if a warrior or family facing a tough battle, nominate them at We have 5,000 pups anxious to meet their brave warriors.

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