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Do they know...

Today we threw together a last minute parade entry for our town’s “Hometown Day” parade. So many people warmed our hearts with their cheers and applause as we went past.

A few times I found myself close to tears as I watched Aubrey and Brady throw handfuls of candy out again and again.

There is so much I wanted to say and so much I wanted to share to the people lining the street.

Do they know September is pediatric cancer awareness month?

Do they know that 20% of kids diagnosed with cancer in the US won’t survive it?

Do they know 4 of 6 kids that survive will go on to face severe side effects later on?

Do they know Brady is only 1 of 65 in the world with his type of leukemia mutation?

Do they know that 1 of 4 survivors in the US will face life-threatening challenges in the late-effect of treatment?

Do they know only 4% of funding goes to pediatric cancer research?

Do they know just how hard a battle like this is? On Brady. On his siblings. On us all?

Do they know?

Because I didn’t. I had no idea.

So in this month of September, please pray for not just our family, but all those families and children battling cancer. The statistics can be scary and the battle goes far beyond transfusions, infusions, hospitalizations, shots, hair loss, constant medications, and nausea. Far beyond.

Thank to our incredible community for continuing to love, pray, and support our family. Your support goes far beyond what words could ever say.

And thank you to the parade committee and our church, C3 church, for letting us join in last minute. We all had a BLAST and it did our hearts so good to see so many smiling faces.

If you are local, consider joining us on Sunday, October 10 for our 5K and fun run event right here in Canal Winchester. All the profits go to our new nonprofit, Way To Battle. You can learn more at

“Joy still comes in the morning. Hope still walks with the hurting.”



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