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Different battles...

Last night as I was getting Brady’s meds ready and helping Blake with a snack I realized something. Something that I’ve known for a while but this visual just hit me. I have two boys fighting two completely different battles. Battle number one. The top tray. The physical battle. The one that people can easily see. It’s the one that has taken his strength and hair. The one that has cost him energy and endurance. The one that has created bruises and dark circles under his eyes. The one that requires shots, ivs, pills, transfusions, surgeries and hospital stays. The boy with the top tray is in the battle of his life. Battle number two. The bottom tray. It is the mental battle. The one people won’t notice or understand unless they know him. It is the one that lacks self confidence and control. The one that is highly effected by chemical dyes, sugars and all the junk he has eaten in the past month. The one who has an amazing memory but can’t remember where he ever leaves stuff. The one that has a hard time managing his frustration in the height of this emotional season. The one who has lost all sense of direction and focus since baseball is over and his brother got sick. The boy with the bottom tray is in an unseen battle with adhd. Two very different battles for two twin brothers. It’s hard. Navigating battles like these. Both require time and attention with so much love and grace. Add in a seven year old girl trying to find where she fits in a house full of boys with one who is very sick and an adventurous 14 month old that is into everything, and you have two very, very tired parents. But we take heart in knowing that His mercies are new every morning. And we don’t fail, we learn. And there is always more coffee. So here is to learning how to extend grace to everyone we meet. Because some of us are fighting battles the world will never see. To those in physical hardships like Brady, way to battle. To those in mental turmoil like Blake, way to battle. Never. Give. Up. “Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus” #waytobattlebrady #waytobattleblake #brothers #runyourrace

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