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Choosing joy.

If you are wondering how we are doing, here are a few bullet points to catch you up:

- Found Cooper yesterday morning in his room and hadn’t been able to hold it so he had pooped on the floor and smashed some of it into the carpet.

- Was 15 minutes late to church because of said poop incident.

- Lots of big goodbye hugs at church.

- Finally got finished packing and went to load the car only to find the battery was dead.

- Chris got it jumped and Bev took it in to town to get it replaced.

- A dear friend came and cleaned the carpet in Cooper’s room.

- Chris’s sisters finally got the suburban masterfully packed

- We cried so many tears saying goodbye.

- So many tears.

- We left the house and headed to the pharmacy to pick up the last two prescriptions that and finally just gotten filled for Brady to have for treatment in Philly.

- It was close to 2:30pm when we finally got on the road.

- Once on the road we got a message from our Air BnB host. He had double booked for last night and we weren’t able to get in until Monday afternoon.

- We sat in two different traffic jams

- We decided to call it a night in Somerset, Pa and got a hotel thanks to my mom’s points.

- Now we are back on the road and headed to Philly.

Our plan is to make the final four hour stretch to Philly, get settled and to the grocery store, see if we can find a Christmas tree, and get some rest before Brady starts treatment at 8am tomorrow.

Not sure if it was God protecting us by delaying us or if the enemy really doesn’t want us in Philly, but we count every hurdle a blessing.

We are stronger than cancer.

We are certainly stronger than a few hurdles.

Every hurdle is an opportunity to show what we are made of.

Peace. Love. Patience. Joy.

Some days joy flows into you and some days you have to choose it.

Yesterday we had to choose joy.

Here we go. Philly or bust.

Shields up.

Swords out.

Choosing joy,


“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”


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