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Brothers battle too.

Last night I posted a video for our warrior Wednesday. I was reading the letter from a family that had just recently lost their dad/husband in a car accident. I was incredibly emotional the first time I read her letter. Imagining myself in their position was more then I could handle. Then, what brought me to tears was her added note at that bottom. It read, “Blake, I named my Battle Pup after you because when I first read the story of your family God laid you on my heart immediately. I pray for you a little extra because I feel that is what He wants me to do.” Blake. He is the one who seems so strong and always so outgoing. He is the one who always has a million questions to ask and hears every word that is said, even if it is a conversation that happens in another room. He is the one who cares deeply for others but doesn’t always know just how to express it. He is the one who was determined to fly to Philadelphia to make sure Brady wasn’t alone when we were there. He is the one who walked in the door from the airport only to be handed a bag to help rush his brother back to the hospital. He is the one who has desperately wished he could take the pain and cancer from his brother. He is the one who has cried asking, “is this how Brady is going to die?” He is the one who witnessed incredibly scary things while visiting Brady in the hospital. He is the one who doesn’t have the luxury of forgetting the images he has seen because he was of clear and sound mind when they happened. He is one of the reasons why sending battle pups to each and every sibling is so incredibly important to us. These siblings. The brave souls that witness things you can’t even begin to fathom. The ones who overhear the terrifying conversations that they can’t comprehend. The ones who are constantly separated from their family while their parents tend to those in the hospital. The ones who feel helpless while the ones they love are hurting or dying. While their bodies may not be sick like their siblings, their hearts and souls deserve to be seen too. Their pain needs to be noticed too. Their battles matter too. It’s not just Brady’s battle. No. This battle is much bigger than that. Our mission, to make sure that each person, no matter if their battle is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, knows that they aren’t alone in their battle. The Bradys. The Blakes. The Aubreys. The Coopers. Thank you to everyone for continuing to spread and share our message. Because of your love and support, our mission to make sure warriors like Brady, and warriors like Blake, don’t go unnoticed is growing every day. No one battles alone. No one. Fighting for all, Kristin “Come to me, all who are weary and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” #waytobattle #waytobattleBrady #waytobattleblake #battlelikebrady #bravelikeblake #ourwarriors #ourmission #battlepups #love #forall #armedwithstrength #noonebattlesalone Nominate a warrior to receive a battle pup or donate towards the mission at

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