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Blessings and attacks...

A story about blessings and attacks…

“They are twins!”

It is a comment we hear so much about Brady and his little brother, Cooper.

Cooper has Brady’s eyes and he crunches his nose up when he smiles just like Brady did at this age. In fact, looking at pictures of Brady as a baby it can be hard to tell the two of them a part.

Brady loves his baby brother so much. He is so sweet with him and loves to teach him how to do new things. I see them together and it just makes my heart so happy. We definitely weren’t planning on a forth child, and if you ask Chris we had a “verbal agreement” we were a complete family at three kids and a dog. Then, Cooper came and he was the answer to prayers deep in my heart longing for another baby.

Cooper has been one of our greatest blessings and we can’t imagine a life without him. Through the first couple weeks of Brady’s diagnosis, I had really kept it together. That all changed when we got the results back that showed him to be only the 65th in the world with his genetic mutation. After his doctor left from explaining the results and what they meant, I immediately messaged a few close friends and asked if they could come to the hospital. I knew I was about to break. The enemy had whispered a lie in my ear days before and in that moment, I started to believe it.

My friends came to the hospital and joined in a circle as I explained the diagnosis and we began praying together. Then, I had the courage to speak the words out loud that I had been playing in my head.

Bawling, I choked out, “Did God give me Cooper because he is going to take away Brady from me?”

An attack in my weakest moment since it all had started.

I couldn’t see it, but I’m thankful for my friends that could. They immediately rebuked it and we prayed again.

Do you need church? No, you don’t. But you know what you do need? Friends firm in their faith that will fight for you when you are too weak to stand. Friends that get an sos message and drop everything to come to your side. Friends that strengthen and encourage you. Friends that make you better by being around them. Friends that you trust to tell your greatest fears and weaknesses to. You know where I have found most of my friends that fit this description? The Church.

Church is messy and broken because it is filled with messy and broken people. But find a church that loves Jesus, not religion, but Jesus, and you’ll be able to find your circle. A circle that will go to battle with, and for, you.

The enemy is going to take every opportunity to lie to you. He is going to be lurking in your weakest moments, just like he did to me. He wants nothing more than to ruin your life and faith. You are stronger when you fight in numbers. Because even when you can’t stand, if you are linked arms with those who can, you remain upright.

Find a circle to battle with you.

“Iron sharpens iron.” #waytobattlebrady #bravelikebrady #leukemiawarrior #phillylikemutation #TheBattleIsOn

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