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Always some good...

There are always good things that happen in the midst of the hard things. We just have to open our eyes enough to see them. So let’s go ahead and celebrate some amazing things that happened today…

1. We got to lego together for a long time and that felt amazing

2. We had to go get labs drawn again and those new labs showed his hemoglobin bumped up to 8.6 and platelets skyrocketed to over 500!!!!! (I actually had to have the nurse repeat them because I couldn’t believe it)

3. We drove the golf cart to DQ and impulse bought an Oreo ice cream cake

4. Some friends stopped to drop off some goodies and it was nice to see their smiles and get some hugs.

5. Brady played some basketball with Blake and Aubrey while Cooper ran around crazy town

6. They went to bed laughing.

Today was a huge win. Today we saw God’s hand in a very big and tangible way. Today felt full of miracles. Today we will go to sleep celebrating this victory.

Thanks to the friends who come and spend hours with you organizing your basement so you can actually play in it. And to those that drop off hair brushes so your daughter’s hair doesn’t have to get shaved like her brother’s. And to those who bring the most thoughtful things that touch your heart. And to those who pray in your driveway first thing in the morning. And to those who have donated gift cards or money that allow us to make spur of the moment DQ trips. And to those that have brought groceries or meals. And to those who continue to battle with us near and far.

You are the reason we celebrate these days. You are making a difference in our lives. Your light is shining so brightly within our hearts and our home. You all, are amazing.

“I’m going to see a victory”


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