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A moment for the movies...

This moment right here. It was as if it was written for a movie. The championship game of the soccer tournament came down to both of the Pride SC boys 10U teams. Half the team in white, the other half in black.

Brady had been on the sidelines with the team all day cheering them on. We have had countless conversations about how, in this season, being his team’s biggest cheerleader was his most important job on the team. And he did just that.

With only a minute or so left, Blake and Brady’s team in black tied up their buddies in white. When time ended, they took a vote and decided on a shootout to settle it up.

After five shooters, it was still all tied. They had decided to call it a draw when everyone started chanting, “Brady, Brady, Brady!”

Brady smiled and ran to the line. With everything he had, Brady kicked it all the way to the right side, just out of his buddy Kaleb’s reach. Blake, who was goalie for the black team, ran up the field and they hugged while the rest of the team ran out too.

They all screamed and celebrated. We all cried.

No one cared who got what trophies. Everyone had won.

Last night he had cried and cried knowing he couldn’t play today, but this. This was just everything.

I can’t fully explain how amazing this soccer club is and what it has meant to our family to have their love and support. I could write a book to tell of all the ways they have made this season so much easier.

Thank you to Coach Jeff Krigbaum and Coach Alejandro for everything. And to the rest of our Pride SC family, we love you big!

From possible brain bleed yesterday to scoring the “winning” goal today, our hearts are jam packed with gratitude.

“And by this, everyone will know the riches and glory of God.”

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