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A million miracles.

I could stare at this picture forever.

A million miracles fill up this one photo.

So many odds have been overcome.

If only I could freeze this moment in time.

This moment when everything feels as amazing as what this photo represents.

Brady looks and feels so great. He still gets exhausted and at the end of the day the dark circles will appear under his eyes, but his fun-loving, battle it all self is back. He has chosen to start the school year to see how far he can push through while we figure out what direction we are headed next down this relapse road.

We are grateful for his fierce heart that is fighting to keep going despite the battle he is still facing.

Then, there is Blake. The kid that has promised to be Brady’s “bodyguard” at school. The kid that is scared of losing his brother, but determined to do whatever he can to make sure Brady is safe and gets to be at school with him.

And Aubrey. The girl that brings so much silliness and joy to our household. The one who is creative and oh so thoughtful.

And crazy Cooper. He says he is ready for “Cooper go to school too”. He is so inquisitive and has us constantly laughing.

And then there are all of you. Sure you aren’t pictured, but man can we feel your presence within our family. Your love and support as you each continue to share our mission of bringing awareness to the shortage of blood products throughout our country means so much to us. We continue to have stories flood in about new givers and the impact our family’s journey is having. And we can’t even write enough thank you’s for that.

Three weeks ago I dreaded this day.

As Brady laid in the PICU having just confirmed his cancer had relapsed, I was sure that there was absolutely no way Brady would be able to start the school year.

I was dreading the almost certain repeat of last year’s first day of school.

Last year our first day of school pictures didn’t include Brady since he wasn’t well enough.

Last year I only drove two kids to school, not three.

But here we are getting to enjoy such an incredible gift that so many may not think twice about.

Sure, he is still battling the cancer within his blood, but that’s just it.

He is still battling.

He is still here.

Many parents won’t get to take those precious first day of school photos.

Many parents won’t have this year’s photos to compare with last year’s.

Many parents will have “what should have been” buried deep in their broken hearts.

I’m just going to sit here for a minute and let that sink in...

Friends, here is to making the most of each and every day we are gifted with.

Thank you Lord for today. For another day to battle. For another day to praise you and rejoice in the walls that you continue to rip down for our son. Another day to celebrate the message you have given us being spread across the country. Another day to thank those heroes who allow our warriors to keep battling. But Lord, our hearts break for those who are broken. Those who live with the “what should have been” within them. Those who know the depths of sorrow and loss when a child leaves this world ahead of them. Lord, wrap your arms around them. Hold them close. Let them feel your love and peace surround them in each and every moment.

Shields up.

Swords out.

Thankful for every day,


“In the morning, in the evening

In your coming, and your going

In your weeping, and rejoicing

He is for you”


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