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A final joy challenge

Joy Challenge day 10.

Day 10. Blake and Aubrey stayed home from school today because Aubrey’s foot was hurting and Blake had a massive headache. It was honestly the best thing for Brady.

Yesterday he felt so crummy and never even got off the couch. Last night he went to bed crying because he felt so bad.

I was so worried today was going to be much of the same.

After Brady heard Blake and Aubrey were staying home his demeanor changed. They did some reading and school work first thing then spent an hour painting together in the basement.

All day we kept talking about what we wanted to do for day 10 of our challenge.

Finally, they all worked together and came up with a list. We packed up some small gifts and they each wrote out cards.

But one gift stood out amongst the rest.

One gift felt different.

One gift felt extremely important to give tonight and make sure we made time to visit if she was home when we got there.

The kids walked up to the door. They waited for a few minutes, but this special lady wasn’t home yet.

We got in the car and drove off. As we made the turn we saw her car pull into her driveway. We all knew we had to turn around.

We just knew we had to see her.

We pulled in next to her. We smiled and waved, but I could instantly see it.

I could see the pain through her eyes.

She got out of her car and we began talking. She told us it had been a really hard day and she had been crying. We all got out of the van and piled around her for a giant hug.

God knew. God knew the day, the week, and the past three years she has had.

It’s been hard. So hard.

I’m so grateful that through our talking and praying over who to go see today God allowed us to be his messengers to this extremely special lady.

We gave more hugs and made a few more stops before ending our night at DQ where we left a big tip for everyone working.

When we got home we talked about how the Holy Spirit will speak to our hearts to use us to be a light for someone. That we have to be aware and listening for it all the time. How you never know when He is going to ask you to do something for someone. It may seem like such a small thing to you, but to someone else, it could change their entire day. It is so important for us to be obedient to the call when he asks us to go.

Tonight was God ordained. And it refreshed my spirit in so many ways.

Tonight we go to bed humbled and grateful. And according to the kids, “it was one of the best days.”

Brady said, “today was so great! It was just the best.”

Yep, because spreading and being joy for someone is the best.

“I don’t want to leave a legacy. I don’t care if they remember me. Only Jesus.”


Our joy challenge has been so great for our family. We hope that everyone following along has felt blessed too. Feel free to share your joy stories with us! The kids think it is so cool when we tell them of the people who are doing kind things too

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