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A breath of fresh air...

You don’t always hear of the good in the world these days, but I want to tell you of something amazing happening in our city.

These young men of the Ohio State Soccer team have shown our kids such love. We have been to two games now and each time each of the players has made a point to thank us for coming and say something encouraging to the kids.

It makes my heart explode.

Tonight we should have been in Dayton, but as luck had it, there weren’t any rooms available where the rest of our Pride SC team was staying.

So we decided on a whim to catch another OSU game before their season finishes next week.

These young men played incredible and took down the number one team.

After the game, the boys wanted to give a battle pup to their buddy Brayden because “no one battles alone.”

As luck would also have it, we had an entire box of battle pups in the back of the car.

Hmmmmm. Luck? Or God’s perfect plan?

We weren’t supposed to be in Dayton tonight. We were supposed to be right here.

We just can’t say enough about the leadership we have seen throughout the entire program here at OSU.

Young men investing in the younger generation and setting an example for hard work, sportsmanship, and kindness. And coaches and staff that go the extra mile.

Way to battle. Way to be different. Way to make kids feel like champions.


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