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A brave warrior and her Battle Pup...

Brady went to children’s for his bag change on Tuesday. He took five Battle Pups with him. While on the first floor checking in, he came across four kiddos that he felt led to give a pup to.

One of those kiddos was a brave warrior named Rosalina. Her mom sent us such a sweet message following their visit:

“Dear Brady,

My daughter was provided one of the Battle Pups at Nationwide Children's Hospital. I took the time to read the card. I just wanted to express how thankful my daughter and I are that you provided her with a Battle Pup. She absolutely loves it so much. Rosalina was born with Congenital Heart Disease and is a warrior just like you and many others. The simple act of kindness with providing these Battle Pups goes a long way. I just wanted to express my gratitude and to tell you that you are not alone in this battle.


Pictured here is that sweet, brave warrior with her new Battle Pup.

Through conversations we learned that Rosalina has two sisters. So we picked out two more pups and packed them up to be delivered, because no one battles alone.

Rosalina’s sisters are warriors just like her and with their pups they can battle together.

Thank you to Rosalina and her family for allowing us to share their brave story. We are humbled to be able to join you as fellow warriors.


Thank you to everyone for donating to our nonprofit, Way To Battle, to help provide these sweet pups to warriors and their families. We are blown away by the love and generosity of so many!

Please continue to nominate deserving kiddos and their siblings through our website,, and share our page to get the word out.

Remember, battles look different for everyone. Some it is cancer, some it is a heart defect, some it is the loss of a parent, some it is depression, and some may be a learning disability.

All battles look different, but together, we are united as warriors.

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