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The strong winds ushered in a new season here in Ohio yesterday.

As I stood on the sidelines watching the boys’ soccer training, the crisp air cut through me like a knife.

I watched as the wind gusts forced many of the beautiful leaves off their trees and into the air.

Sunday afternoon we were enjoying 70 degrees and the most beautiful sunshine. Then, just a few short hours later, the first snowflakes of the season swirled in the air.

As I stood there last night trying to convince myself I wasn’t as cold as I thought I was, I watched those leaves be forced into flight.

How do seasons change so quickly, so unexpectedly, sometimes?

Without those wind gusts, the leaves that were sent flying could have easily stayed connected to their trees for several more days.

But the truth it, it was their time to be released.

It was their time to fly.

Their season on those trees had come to an end.

They had fulfilled their calling in that place and it was time to move on to their next chapter. It was time for them to become a part of the earth to be able to cultivate brand new growth.

But first, they had to be released.

Some might think that the sadness comes when we are let go from something. They might look at it as if it is the leaf dying and becoming no more. They may look at it as if it is the end.

But I will have to disagree.

Sure the leaves brought shade from the sun and protection from the rain during the summer, but now, being released from that season, it can find rest. It can rest upon the ground to take on a completely new and different, but just as important, duty as it’s last.

Sure it may be less in the forefront of everyone’s thoughts and sight, but there it is. Right below our feet. Closer to us then it was even before. It is decomposing to create more fertile soil for the ground to be able to grow new things in the spring.

I gazed upon those breathtaking leaves as they journeyed into the wind last night. They don’t know where they are going. They don’t know how long the journey will take or where they will land. They are just along for the ride. They have left their place of comfort and security and started a journey into the unknown.

Our family found ourselves having to make a very unexpected choice last week. But through that, I have realized, we are the leaves.

We are floating through the air. Uncertain of where we will land but knowing that God doesn’t create unexpected wind gusts for no reason.

It was time for our leaves to be released. To fly in a different direction and find rest for awhile.

So that’s we will do. We will fly.

We will fly upon the wind until the Lord tells us it is time to land. And when we land, we will pray to create soil so rich that the most incredible flowers bloom from it.

Today I want all of us to remember, no wind gust is unexpected. Not a single one. It may be to you and me, but it isn’t to the One who created us. We may not have felt ready, but He knew we were. We did what He needed us to do. Our season has changed. It was time to be released.

So fly. Fly upon the wind trusting in the place where you land is exactly where you need to be to begin the next leg of your journey.

Shields up.

Swords out.

Finding peace upon the wind,


“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”


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