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"Thank You Way to Battle Brady! The Battle Pup is awesome! When I opened the bag can’t put into words the way it makes you feel."

- Dave B., Warrior


"You and your family really have helped us feel loved in the worst days of our lives. I delivered them to his siblings yesterday and their eyes lit up. You are amazing!"

- Coach Scott, Warrior


“Sometimes we just want to forget the bad days. Thursday was not a shining moment for us, until our lives were touched by you, and now I don’t want to forget that bad Thursday any more, I want to remember it forever.”

- Kelley N., Warrior

Brady's Diagnosis

Brady was diagnosed with High Risk Pre B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on June 10, 2021.  Two weeks later the doctors discovered he had an extremely rare "Philadelphia Chromosome-Like" mutation. In fact, he is only the 65th person in the world to have been found with this particular mutation.

If you know anything about pediatric cancer, then you know that 1 in 5 children won't survive it. Those that do survive are very likely to face extremely hard things after their cancer has been beaten. 

With his mutation, Brady has a 50% chance of survival without relapse after 5 years. That means after he conquers this cancer, he will be 1 of 32 other people in the world that have been able to do the same. 

While his diagnosis is complicated, we have faith that Brady will overcome! 

"And we know that in  A L L  things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."   Romans 8.28

Battle Pups

Brady, Blake, Aubrey, and Cooper find great comfort and joy in stuffed animals, especially dogs. We want everyone (Kids and their siblings, adults, everyone!) to know that in the midst of their life-changing illness, injury, or loss, they aren't battling alone. They are in it together. 

A life-changing illness is hard for the person diagnosed, but it is equally hard for those who love them. 

Our hope and prayer is that something as simple as a soft and cuddly dog, can unite siblings together as they take on their battle hand-in-hand. 

The Goal

Brady, along with his siblings, Blake , Aubrey, & Cooper, originally hoped to give away 200 Battle Pups by the Thanksgiving 2021.  

As of Thanksgiving 2022, almost 2,500 people have been nominated and received their own Battle Pup!!!

For 2023, our goal is to give away 5000 Battle Pups bringing the total to 7,500!!!

Help Us Reach Our 2023 Goal...

Our Battle Blog

A place to share our stories. Our victories and moments of defeat in a real, and very raw, way.


About Us

We are the Martin's. Our world was turned upside down when our son, Brady, was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of Leukemia in June 2021. 

We continue to pray for the Lord to use this battle for good and for our lives to be transformed as well. We hope to inspire others through our stories and service as we walk through this dark and winding journey.

"You have armed me with strength for the battle..."

Psalm 18:39

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